Interior decorators in the Middle East have challenging tasks. More than the need to make the place look appealing, they also need to carry out multiple projects. Since the demand for interior decorators is growing as time goes by.

Five important Qualities of Interior Decorators:

So far, these are the top five traits decorators must possess.

1) Creativity – is a very great quality that designers must possess. Although this skill can be enhanced through learning in a good interior decoration institute. Good understanding of combining and matching color and styles must be well studied. Also, designs and specifications of clients must be well met, that is why visualization is also part of being creative.

2) Fine Artist – this skill is another quality that should be innate a person because of the need to reflect the idea or design on paper. The architects and clients will easily understand the project if a clear perspective can be seen on paper.

3) Good Communicator – an interior decorator must also be able to develop or possess good communication skills. It is important to convey every detail to the client. A slight misunderstanding may cause a big problem. In order to prevent that from happening, full understanding of the plans and designs must be achieved.

4) Hands On with the Project – based on the experience of experts, if you want the project to become a success, you must become a part of it. You will learn more if you experience it yourself.

5) Open to Changes – many changes are coming as time evolves. Thus, it is important to be always open to changing trends, most especially with the designs. Interior design companies cater different clients with different demands. So designers must know different ways to convince those clients using variety of options.

The job of an interior designer is not easy. It needs dedication, hard work and passion. But gladly, interior decorators in the Middle East possess all these qualities.

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Most interior designing companies are working on a fast pace. Usually, projects are already lined up for the entire month or season. Just like interior design projects in Lebanon, workloads are being scheduled accordingly.

What could be the reason for this?

First – like any other design business, clients tend to change minds easily. Sometimes, clients will decide to put projects on hold or even cancel with a moment of notice.

Second – There are projects that will not pay very large. However these are projects the designers love doing. But in the end, these turn out to pay higher.

That is why; interior designing companies need to manage their schedule very well. They must know how and when to accept base on the following factors.

Four Factors to Classify Projects

1) According to Pay – sometimes, there are very busy months because of a lot of projects. Though these pay less. Sometimes, only a few projects to work on but pay more.

2) According to Passion – there are projects that are highly compensated but demand extensive time and work dedication. There are also projects that doesn’t pay much but decorators love doing. However, these can be considered as easy jobs because the love for the work is always there.

3) According to Size – a proper balance between small and large jobs is needed in order to keep the momentum going. Small jobs are tedious but only good for a short period. Large jobs take too long to finish but you have a lot of time to work on it.

4) According to Marketability – this is very important because this will prove how good, talented and experts are the people in the designing companies. Because previous projects will be evidences when acquiring future ones.

Interior design projects in Lebanon have one thing in common. Clients are assured that the interior designers give their very best when working on a project. Thus, they give importance to all the four factors when accepting projects to work on.

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When it comes to interior architectural designs, no one is well enough to stress out the importance of interior designers. The architect’s job is to design the whole structure. The designer’s job is to make the designed place become a reality. That is to dwell in it or make a living in it.

Roles of an interior designer

A team of home or office builders does not only involve engineers and architects. It must also involve the services of experts from the interior designing companies. Why, because of these three important roles.
1) Specializes in matching color schemes – making the interior color to work with the interior space is specifically the job of an interior designer. They know how to complement a traditional with a modern design, considering the color combinations as a very important aspect to take care of.

2) Selects appropriate interior elements– selecting and shopping for fixtures, a very time consuming role. If you think searching for the best price sources is an easy task, think again. But with the help of designers, completing the task is easy. They can look for suppliers who give special discounts and quality products. Aside from saving money, you will also be saving time.

Apart from furniture and fixtures, they also take care of the walls, windows, floors, lighting, doors and other miscellaneous items.

3) Creates a comfortable and appealing place – over all, an interior designer must be able to meet the specific design required by the client. Because after all, the client still is the boss.
Yes, some homeowners may be able to do a safe job of an interior decorator. But it will cost a lot of time and money. For a professional, he or she will be able to enhance the interior space with coordination and tasteful products. So go acquire jobs with the special touch of professionals. They will fill your place with interior architectural designs you will surely love.

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Modern architecture in the Arab world continues to evolve. Many modern designs are being used by interior designers to create a more sophisticated look. Although we are now in the 20th century, these designs are still highly accepted. Somehow these play important roles in the history of interior designing.

Differentiation of the Two Basic Interior Designs

To help you understand better, compare a modern from a contemporary interior design.

Contemporary and modern interior designs are not the same but both can be mixed to give the place a unique decoration. As long as you hire professional designers to work on your place, the concept of each design will surely be reflected.

● Modern interior design – these days, “modern “is often referred to as retro design. These are elegant creations of the 1920’s and 1950’s. These can easily be spotted because of clean and unadorned interiors. Natural materials like leather, linen, and wood are being used. For modern furniture’s, polished metal, plastic and molded plywood are prominent.

● Contemporary interior design – is mostly seen in the interior designs nowadays. It means this type of design is what most people want now; especially we’re in the present times. However, it does not mean that the decorations, equipment and other materials needed for the interior must be made this time. Furniture, fixtures, and artworks done in modern era are often seen in a contemporary design.

Whatever may be the design of your place, as long as it has been touched by experts of interior designing companies just like Jeanine Chammas Interior Architect, your place will be like your own masterpiece. For new clients, they already have finished projects that can be your guide or proof to ensure their quality of work. Whatever could be your choice, the designs will always be a part and a product of modern architecture in the Arab world.

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