Contemporary Design Invades the Interiors of Beirut


Contemporary interior design is basically a tangible version of the axiom “Less is more.” This design is free of accessories that involve details that are ruffled, busily printed, and fringed. With clean simplicity and subtle urbanity, contemporary designs go for basic pieces that project boldness in their colors and patterns.


The terms contemporary and moderns are commonly interchanged. However, contemporary interior design is different from modern interior design. The beginnings of contemporary design can be traced in Europe. It was in the mid-20th century that it flourished in the United States. These days, it can be seen anywhere in urban areas all over the world as more and more people are adapting to this.


Shapes and patterns are made simpler, and evoke ideas of flying and space in contemporary design. Lines are clean cut and the interior designs project symmetry and composition. Rooms are larger with high ceilings and the windows bare. The design also leans towards less costly pieces.


The history of architecture in Lebanon displays the richness and prominent features of its historical chapters. This is especially true in its center for commerce and industry, Beirut. After more than a decade of bombardments and riot, the district has risen and emerged into one of the top place to visits in 2009, according to The New York Times. Together with the urbanization of Beirut is their openness to modernization as remnants of the war behind them are slowly being replaced with novel structures.


The surge of modernization in Lebanon has made way for the inflow of many interior designers that specialize in modern interior design in Lebanon and contemporary interior design, just like the Lebanese Interior Architect Jeanine Chammas. The main city of Beirut is home to most of these professionals who boast of their expertise in this craft of making homes, offices, tight areas and spaces into living places that speak of the futuristic outlook of its people.

Jeanine Chammas - Interior Architect in Lebanon