Crowded and small Interiors have their special design ideas


These days, the real estate market in Lebanon has place a great value on space. Because of this, more and more people---from college students to professionals---opt for smaller living cot for practical reasons. Decorating for small spaces, whether modern or traditional, may look easy to the eyes, but in fact is quite a challenging task. The decorations and furniture need to be carefully picked so that the room does not overcrowd.


To best utilize a small space used for whatever purpose, when doing an interior design for small spaces, versatility is one basic concept that needs to be kept in mind. Versatility means utilizing space to make it effectively usable for work and play. To create the illusion of a more spacious room, it is advisable that the use of closets and doors within it are minimized, and instead use curtains. Curtains also provide a softer touch to the room, given that it has a subtle color. When choosing for the right furnishings, pieces that require smaller space are better and go a long way. Select love seats instead of large sofas and small round coffee tables instead of ones that are bigger and more solid looking. This would also go the same for selecting appliances like the refrigerator. You wouldn’t want to crowd your kitchen with bulky stuff that would eat up much of the space you can use to move around comfortably.


Wall, furniture, and ceiling colors play quite a role in making interior design for small spaces. Soft and monochromatic tones are recommended. Large furniture pieces and the walls should go in the same or almost the same colors, while the ceiling should be painted with a shade lighter than everything else in the room.


As much as colors should be given importance, so should be the room lighting. Ceiling lights make the ceiling appear lower. Wall lamps are also better as they do not take up floor space. In addition, incandescent light provides a softer touch to the room.


Beirut, a wellspring of life in Lebanon, is home to architects and interior designs that have created masterpieces out of small spaces, such as the Lebanese Interior Architect Jeanine Chammas. It is a good spot for looking for one to design your petite space.


Jeanine Chammas - Interior Architect in Lebanon