Experienced Lebanese Interior Architects combine between what you need and what is beautiful


Jeanine Chammas, a Lebanese modern interior architect describes interior architecture as all about designing of space that is allowed by boundaries that have been made structurally. Human imagination and creativity can fill up these boundaries. The Lebanese interior architect thinks in terms of not only making the interior designs but giving shape to the fixtures in a residence or a commercial set up and Interior architects in Lebanon should keep in mind the cabinets, beds, wardrobes, walls, kitchens and rooms.


Like many Lebanese interior architects, Jeanine Chammas, also gives importance to how the interiors are lit. They give innovative provisions for skylight that may bring in natural light so that it can reflect off the walls, preferably white in color with a lighter concrete floor. Interior architecture in Lebanon is about bridging the gap between the interior designing and the architecture that allows the architects to use unlimited source of ideas and information that goes behind the building of structures.


Interior Design in Lebanon is so multifaceted that it allows creativity with a variety of technical solutions to support the quality of life that a house owner or an office establishment expects. When people decorate their house or office, they try and improve their standard of life while furnishing the interiors.


Many Lebanese architects are capable of improving the standard of life while doing the interiors. They have earned a reputation in the interior designing industry with their unique and diverse services. The Lebanese interior architects have turned a complicated system into an easy process by the help of coordinating their research and methods so that they can integrate the designing steps into a creative expression. Heavy stress is laid on the satisfaction of clients among the Lebanese interior architecture firms.


Interior Architect Jeanine Chammas is an expert in filling up your residential and office space. Her team is creative as well as imaginative. They are highly skilled in combining their knowledge of decorating the interiors with an artistic imagination. Interior architects in Lebanon also offer solution in designing which are aesthetic and pleasing to the eye while meeting the required needs of their customers.


They use interior design, architectural design and industrial design in their disciplines. With such a variety in discipline, their services can be used efficiently to interpret any creative ideas of yours into a reality.

Jeanine Chammas - Interior Architect in Lebanon