Factors in Home Design: Perspective of a Lebanese Interior Decorator


For a Lebanese interior decorator, a home must be a place where you feel comfortable in expressing yourself and celebrating who you are. A place you can call your own is something that has a special touch and reflects your personality and lifestyle.


The following are the three factors to be considered in designing your home: The first factor is the furniture. According to one designer, you must fill your home with things that make you happy. This is the best way to add personality to your home. When you are surrounded by things that pleases you, your home will always be a special place to live in.


The second factor is the space. This is another dilemma of an architect. Having a large home will give you more space to put up all the things you wanted. But if your home is the opposite, it will be a challenging task to squeeze them in. It is best to think proportionally so that the place won’t look crowded.


The last factor to be considered is the function. It is a hard task to decide what must be the function of each room. You have a lot of concept in mind but are afraid that it might not be enough for your home space. The best thing to go about this is to have more than one zone in a room. An example of this would be having the study room combined with the library room. Another would be making the entertainment room also a gaming room for PlayStation or Xbox.


Individualism is the principle of a Lebanese interior decorator. For them, a house is not a home if it does not tell the story of who you are. It doesn’t matter how large or small your place is because there is no place that feels like home.

Jeanine Chammas – Interior Architect in Lebanon