Capabilities of the Lebanese Modern Interior Design


When talking about Modern Interior Architecture, it is basically about designs composed of clean lines and clutter-free space. Colors are kept in subtle hues, nothing bold, and leans to the primary and neutral shades. A space designed with it translates organized, functional, innovative, serene, simple, and expensive.


These interior architecture designs use the basic geometric shapes. The edges, lines, angles, and curves are kept simple. It promotes function without the traditional frills in design with the use of materials like, glass, wood, chrome, and concrete. What people love about the design’s sleek clutter- or chaos-free look is the feel of openness at the utilization of space. Without the traditional designs, things are kept simple yet functional. From the furniture to other home essentials, everything is kept at bare minimum. Art pieces replace the accessories, and these provide the focal point in the space. The subtle choice of colors is accentuated with geometric-patterned or boldly colored rugs and other pieces, but are minimum in count. The Lebanese Interior Architect Jeanine Chammas offers the clean and minimal design ideas for modern interior architecture that give it the polished look.


Lebanon, along with the renovation of their streets from the ugly remains of the war, has leaned to modern interior design. This signifies their openness to the influence of the west and their readiness for the future. The gush of business firms and professionals can be aligned with the growing number of Lebanese going for modern interior designs these days.


The concept of this design suits almost every kind of room or space in Lebanon---whether it’s in a house or an office. Since the designs and decorations are kept minimal and simple, it creates an illusion of a larger space. This is best for dwellers living on their own, with no kids hankering at their every move. Modern interior design is perfect for professionals in Lebanon who have yet to settle down.

Jeanine Chammas - Interior Architect in Lebanon