Tips on How to Create a Modern Interior Design into your Homes

Once you hear this phrase modern interior design, seems like everything must be expensive. What you must know is that, one only needs to work on his/her creativity and resourcefulness. This is in order to create an inexpensive yet modern and elegant design in your own homes. Four Ways to Design Your Interior, Giving Homes a Fresh Exquisite Look


1) Wall Art Improvisation


Create a wall art on your own. It may come from a photograph which you have taken. Just have it printed onto a photo canvas. Hang or place it on a wall anywhere in the house where you think it can serve as a beautiful accent.


2) Couch Makeover


You do not need to replace the couch every now and then just because it looks too old or some areas have been damaged. Instead, reupholster can be an option making it look brand new. You may also buy a slipcover of any color you like that will match the interior design.


3) Reuse Old Items


Instead of buying new accessories for your home, make use of old items. You can convert something to anything. Like for example, an old door can be turned to an elegant coat rack. Old popsicle sticks can be made to a coaster. There are many ideas online which you can find to help you create wonderful items out of older architectural materials at a lower cost.


4) Paint Makeover


The quickest way to do a total room makeover is to change the paint color. It could be you want a brighter color this time or a bolder color later. Don’t be afraid to do a paint makeover. Because it always feels good to see a new look.


Change will always be a part of our lives. In Lebanon, people have opened their minds and heart to the modern interior design. Most especially, these changes bring good vibes and happiness into their homes.

Jeanine Chammas – Interior Architect in Lebanon