Design your office for a productive environment


Believe it or not, many organizations in Lebanon do consider that office designs have a great impact on the productivity of employees. According to a survey done some years back, half of all the employees from a prominent architectural firm were willing to work extra hours in the office if their workplace was better. Studies conducted have confirmed that worker-oriented office spaces in Lebanon are the most cost-effective space to help employees perform better and retain their seats.


It cannot be denied that the employees are the backbone of any company in Lebanon, just like everywhere in the world. Without them performing at their best, sales and profit would most likely slack off. Poorly designed offices in Lebanon, a county which lacks public spaces, can also cause unhappiness to its employees. Also, with the poor performance of the employees, customers do not get the best results.


Remember the following great tips for designing small spaces as office design ideas in Lebanon:


▪ Do you notice how in all, if not most, of the bosses get all the sunlight and the beautiful view outside and employees are stacked up in cramped interiors with only the fluorescent bulbs to light them? Try having the office designed the other way around, with a contemporary touch? Have those rank-and-file workers take their seats by the open windows, aside from making their space a little less crammed.


▪ Traditionally, offices in Lebanon have been built in uniform sizes. You can be unconventional and try sizing them up according to employees’ nature of work, maybe a handful of them don’t quite need a huge space that the others who do can actually make use of.


▪ Collaborations among employees in the company are important. However, with the Lebanese traditional office layout, the noise collaborations can disrupt the performance of other employees. It is good to put up a mini conference room where employees can huddle quickly without having to add to the noisy bustling inside and/or reserve the conference room.


Remember that offices don’t just pop out of the blue. They take some time to build. It is best that you consult architects and interior designers from Beirut just like Interior Architect Jeanine Chammas for office design ideas. Why Beirut? Simply because being Lebanon’s heart of commerce, it is simply home to such reliable people.


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