Amazing Details with the Traditional Classic Architecture


Nothing beats the classics. This line remains true even for interior design. Nothing truly beats a home designed according to traditional classic architecture for its beauty will never get old.


When you opt for the classic, the beauty of your home becomes timeless. Five, ten, or twenty years from now its beauty will still be there and it will never go out of style.


Classic architecture traditionally relies heavily on the proper use of lighting to highlight a space. It can be used to separate a single room to sections or enhance the focal points in each space. Lighting is indeed one of the major facets when it comes to classical architecture and is still being used up until today.


Most of today’s modern buildings have also turned to classical lighting to emphasize a structure’s modern design.


But classic architecture doesn’t always mean having to use the old techniques too. It can still be called classic even when new techniques are used to achieve the look. It is just a matter of knowing which will work best with the classical design. Since it is still of no use to use old but ineffective techniques, even in classical architecture.


With the help of various new techniques available today, classical architecture is further enhanced by the use of new techniques. Indeed they are the perfect combinations to ensure that your design achieves the classical look.


Even an interior designer based in Lebanon has recognized the potential of classic architecture to influence even the modern day interior design. New and modern techniques have emphasized durability, and mixing this with the elegance of the classics will make every home look and last forever.


The next time you think about what style to follow, consider the traditional classic architecture. Work with an interior designer because he/she surely knows what’s best to do.

Jeanine Chammas – Interior Architect in Lebanon